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Subject: What?s Happening with PIMA?





Dear PIMA Member,

We, the leadership of TAPPI and PIMA, wanted to bring you up-to-date and let you know what is evolving with PIMA.  Hopefully, this message will answer many of the questions you?ve had about the status of PIMA; the future of the organization, what?s happening and how to stay involved.  Read on?


1.  What is the status of PIMA?
In early September, the PIMA Board and the TAPPI Board approved the final closing for PIMA to become part of TAPPI.  We are happy to announce that PIMA is now the Management Division of TAPPI and will be the management resource for other groups within TAPPI.  TAPPI represents the paper and packaging industries including corrugated, polymers, and nonwovens. 

2.  What is the structure of PIMA now that it?s part of TAPPI?

  • The working Committees and Divisions within PIMA will remain intact unless the Committee or Division would like to make a change. 
  • The Divisions can retain their name (i.e. Dixie PIMA) and use the PIMA logo.
  • The PIMA Board will become the PIMA Executive Council with the leadership intact.  The Executive Council will report to the TAPPI Board.  The TAPPI Board reports to the entire membership.  Please see the TAPPI Bylaws for more information.  (link to:
  • The PIMA brand, logo and tagline have been preserved and will be used on PIMA Management Division membership and product collateral.
  • The National PIMA awards will belong to the PIMA Management Division.  TAPPI has offered their nominating and award support system to help give the awards the recognition they deserve.
  • The PIMA Management Division mission and purpose remain the same:

The PIMA Management Division is the premier group for management professionals in the paper and pulp industry. Our purpose is to contribute to the strength of the international pulp and paper community by providing the means for our members to address relevant industry issues and to develop their management and leadership skills.

The PIMA Management Division Mission
PIMA delivers value by creating forums that address current issues and develop management and leadership skills in a way that is both customer focused and driven.

2.   What is the membership fee going to be?
PIMA Management Division Membership will now be included in your TAPPI Membership.  For example, if you want to be a member of the PIMA Management Division within TAPPI at the professional level your dues would be $174 per year.  There is no additional fee to belong to PIMA separate from TAPPI. You will be able to select to be a part of the PIMA Management Division via a check box on the TAPPI Membership Application. 

As a PIMA Management Division member within TAPPI you will be eligible for ALL member benefits including access to the TAPPI e-library and discounts on products and services like TAPPI PRESS products, events, training and standards.

3.  Why is this good for PIMA?
A subcommittee interviewed PIMA members and groups including Divisions, Committees, and Leadership.  The interviews indicated that the joining of the two groups had the following strengths:

  • Like the new one price dues structure
  • Combined financial resources
  • Combined volunteer resources
  • Chance to use both the PIMA and TAPPI brands
  • Expanding PIMA Internationally
  • Expanding TAPPI?s Management offerings
  • Attracting new members to the organization

4.  Can I get an example of how PIMA and TAPPI already embody this offering of management and technical?

  • PaperCon, the joint meeting of TAPPI and PIMA, attracted more than 1,000 attendees in 2008 and the mill attendance increased 7% over the prior year.
  • The TAPPI/PIMA Student Summit Attracted 100 students from 10 colleges and universities in 2008.
  • Two local groups Northeast PIMA /Maine-NH TAPPI and Empire State TAPPI/NY Canadian PIMA have officially combined and are holding their programs together.  Many other locals do joint meetings.

5.  Can I get an example of what we PIMA and TAPPI can do together in the future?

  • Attract new people to the industry and membership
  • Offer products and services throughout career paths in the industry, from new hires to management.
  • Create books, standards, and training for management professionals in the paper and packaging industry.

6.  What happens to the PIMA brand?

  • The name and logo remain intact
  • The feeling of being part of what?s good for the industry remains intact
  • The networking opportunities expand.

Still need to know more?
If we?ve missed any of your questions please contact one of us through Mary Beth at and she will make sure we get your question. 

We are proud of the coming together of the two groups and of the industry. 

Thank you so much for your continued support and membership; we look forward to a bright and productive future together. 

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Joe, Steve, Larry, and Nikki



Joe Konkel
PIMA President

Larry Montague
TAPPI President

Steve Tremont
PIMA Affiliate Chair

Nikki Slusser
TAPPI Board Representative and
former PIMA President


For more information about the PIMA Management Division contact Mary Beth Cornell at 770-209-7210 or

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